11th May 2021

Barclays research indicates UK staycationers set to boost local economies

23 million Brits will holiday in the UK this summer adding almost £31bn to UK GDP, according to new Barclays research.

Billion-pound windfalls will benefit the ten most popular holiday destinations, with Cornwall set to cash in most with £1.7bn worth of tourism business. The Lake District, Devon and Yorkshire also expected to attract significant numbers of staycationers.

With people in the UK found on average to have visited more places abroad than domestically, Barclays is encouraging holidaymakers to get to ‘Know Your Nation’ and explore the British Isles and support local economies. A sunny summer is forecast for the UK’s tourist hot spots as new Barclays research reveals that millions of Brits are planning ‘staycations’ in 2021.

The news comes as Barclays encourages people to get to ‘Know Your Nation’ and explore the British Isles, with the bank finding that the average UK resident has visited more places abroad than domestically.

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