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13th November 2011

EIOPA launches consultation on guidelines for complaint handling

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has launched a public consultation on proposed Guidelines on Complaints-Handling by Insurance Undertakings. The draft Guidelines, which are addressed to competent supervisory authorities, are being issued to:
-clarify the expectations of supervisors regarding the effectiveness of insurance undertakings internal control systems for complaints-handling, including lessons learned from complaints received; and
-provide guidance on adequate treatment of complaints including providing necessary information to consumers.
EIOPA welcomes comments from all interested parties on the draft Guidelines. Accompanying the Guidelines, a draft Report setting out Best Practices for Complaints-Handling by Insurance Undertakings has also been published. Both the draft Guidelines and Best Practices Report can be accessed via the regulator's website.
These Guidelines and Best Practices Report aim to contribute to the enhancement of consumer protection.
EIOPA's chairman, Gabriel Bernardino omments "Ensuring appropriate procedures are in place within insurance undertakings for handling complaints is of fundamental importance in enhancing customer protection, one of EIOPA's core objectives. By issuing these draft Guidelines (which are the first for EIOPA in this area), EIOPA aims to not only enhance consumer protection but also to strengthen regulatory convergence bearing in mind the forthcoming revision of the Insurance Mediation Directive and its potential extension to direct writers. These Guidelines are just part of what EIOPA is doing to take a leading role in the area of consumer protection."
This consultation will end on 31st January.