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10th July 2016

London Market and other insurance centres worldwide reviewed from an historic, current, and future prospective post-Brexit

Long Finance( www.longfinance.net) has published a report called "The Quiet Insurer: Mobility of The 'Other' Financial Service". Tomorrow in London, Long Finance will present the report's findings and hold a discussion about the future of insurance with industry leaders.
Post the Brexit referendum, the report examines the relative attractiveness of insurance centres worldwide, taking into account factors which prompt a surprising level of mobility in an industry otherwise famed for its stodginess.
The Quiet Insurer casts a refreshingly positive outlook on the UK insurance industry. It presents an illuminating and entertaining insight into the history of the insurance industry; discusses the important concept of clustering; and provides a thorough analysis of the major financial sectors worldwide. It concludes with the opinion that London as the foremost global major financial hub for insurance will continue for decades to come, despite the current insecurity.
Professor Michael Mainelli, executive chairman of Z/Yen who sponsored the report, comments "At this time of Brexit, The Quiet Insurer report concludes that London has a strong chance of remaining the foremost global wholesale insurance market. Our Long Finance initiative asks "when will we know our financial system is working?"
Shirley Beglinger, the report's author, believes London has at least another five centuries despite some immediate difficulties if it plays hard, fast, and smart. That's what Long Finance is about."
Insurance Newslink comments: Beglinger is leader of Operational Risk at Marsh & McLennan. This report, like her previous publications, combines her easy to read "straight to the point" folksy tight style, and raises plenty of key discussion points.