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27th March 2012

SWIFT guide on moving to Sepa

SWIFT has produced a practical summary guide for banks and other payments organisations converting to Sepa payment. After many years of confusion and delay the migration end date has been set as 1st Feb 2014. SWIFT acknowledge that in some areas there is still a lack of clarity but stress that this cannot be used as a reason to do nothing as the deadline is now less than two years away.

The document could be used either as an initial starting point if an institution has down nothing or as an independent checklist for those already more advanced in their planning. SWIFT indirectly raise the question as to whether it may be appropriate for some organisations to outsource all or part of their current payment traffic.

"The time has come to take concrete actions to achieve SEPA compliance," says Marc Pomes Bordedebat, senior market manager payments, EMEA at Swift.
"Swift can help market participants analyse their payments traffic across all of their banking communication channels to identify what they will need to migrate, and by when. Based on this, we can then assist with building a roadmap for migration, give recommendations on priorities and help customers reconsider their clearing strategy," he said.

The paper can be downloaded at: