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29th November 2011

Women are greater online fraud risk claim

The UK Cards Association, the trade body for UK card issuers, is focusing its Christmas anti-fraud campaign on younger women cardholders aged between 26 and 35 who purchase using the internet.

The reason for the focus is research from the National Fraud Authority suggesting only 8% of this group have anti-virus software on their computer which is regularly updated.

Whilst this group may not be the most knowledgeable on internet security the findings of the research the extreme difference would appear out of line with other research findings. Is one possible explanation for the discrepancy that the respondents were unclear on definitions and / or perhaps did not realise that the software they had installed updated itself in the background?

The Association is forecasting a £7.75bn (€9.03bn $12.05bn ¥937.5bn Y77.0bn) Christmas spend online in the UK, up 14% on a year ago.