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2nd October 2011

RDT spreads its wings

Insurance Newslink met up in London recently with Debbie Baker, sales and marketing director of growing UK-based insurance software specialist RDT.
In the two years since Newslink last interviewed RDT, the company has increasingly being making the headlines.
RDT has added to its impressive list of clients, spread to include commercial as well as personal lines through its leading edge solution Landscape, and won an Australian customer, general insurer and motoring organistion RAA who described RDT as an "honest supplier"-the RAA system goes live in January.
40% of product revenue goes back into development and its shows. Landscape is particularly strong on dashboards and increasingly important techniques such as predictive analytics in areas such as web activity.
In March, RDT launched what it claims to be the first rating engine in the cloud, which will have particular relevance for insurers experiencing surges when working with aggregators. RDT pioneered interactive motor quotes over the internet and has worked closely with Microsoft on the cloud development. In fact, RDT are Gold Partners with Microsoft and are sponsoring the latter's apprenticeship initiative.
RDT have built up, retained, and continued developing with a range of insurers, brokers and MGA's in the UK over twenty years, and its breakthrough in Australia also provides further impetus to grow the company. It achieved a 36% increase in turnover in the last year and has grown its staff by 30%. Four new people are in the pipeline including a new development manager-importantly, RDT are recruiting insurance experienced staff. Baker sees this growth as "bucking the trend" amongst insurance software suppliers.
Analysts Celent, in a European survey, gave the highest possible rating to RDT's performance-implementing on time and within budget, and in its approach to working with customers-all clients are referencable.
Expect to hear more from RDT in the UK and beyond.