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9th September 2011

UK banks retail ombudsman complaints

The Financial Ombudsman has released figures of new cases it has opened for the first half year by financial organisation.

The figures below were derived from the top 20 institutions for banking and lending complaints from the report. Where a group appeared more than once under different branding the complaints were consolidated to show a group position, reducing the number in the table to 13. Lloyds Banking Group still tops the list for new banking and credit complaints. Santander however have more complaints per 1,000 customers. The Santander figures include both the mainstream bank and the credit card operations in the UK. MBNA's appearance in the number 3 slot will no doubt cause it considerable unwanted attention. Barclays and RBS Group comparatively low figure show the much greater attention given to seeking settlement early. In the case of RBS it is certainly not a reflection of the trend in overall complaints received by the bank.

The figures relate to the complaints the bank could not agree settlement with a customer on and were therefore referred to the ombudsman and not the total complaints the bank received. The main reason for the total greatly exceeding the Banking & Credit complaints is because of new PPI complaints received by the organisations.

Banking   Total
& credit
1 Lloyds Group 4826 36311
2 Santander Group 4407 7075
3 MBNA Europe Bank Limited 3944 12500
4 Barclays Group 3906 17583
5 RBS Group 1669 11491
6 HSBC 992 10072
7 Nationwide Building Society 487 2309
8 Citigroup 469 2089
9 Vanquis Bank Limited 436 436
10 Clydesdale Bank Plc (NAB) 421 2882
11 Capital One (Europe) plc 407 7160
12 Welcome Financial Services 289 1846
13 The Co-operative Bank Plc 230 1410