11th November 2018

Global Federation of Insurance Associations(GFIA) publishes Annual Report for 2017-18

The Global Federation of Insurance Associations(GFIA) has published its Annual Report for 2017-18, which provides an overview of the federation’s activities over the past 12 months, along with positions and opinion pieces on the issues facing insurers worldwide.
Outlining GFIA’s role as the voice of the global insurance industry, the Report details GFIA’s activities in support of the Argentinian G20 presidency and its goals, particularly in relation to infrastructure investment. The report also gives an overview of the work conducted by GFIA’s various working groups.
During the last 12 months, GFIA has provided input to consultations by a number of international bodies, including the Financial Stability Board, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors and the Financial Action Task Force. In addition, it has published observations on disruptive technology, cybersecurity and policy recommendations for tackling the challenges posed by ageing populations.
Recaredo Arias, vp of GFIA, comments “It is with great pleasure that I reflect on just how much we have achieved together in the six short years since GFIA was founded. Most importantly, I take pleasure in being able to look ahead knowing that GFIA is firmly established at the highest level on the world stage and that its raison d’être is clear and its future is secure.”

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