18th April 2018

AXIS Capital launches Cyber Center of Excellence

Addressing the more than $445bn cost that companies incur each year due to the threat of cybercrime and cyberattacks, AXIS Capital Holdings has announced the launch of the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence. It will provide a broad range of commercial insurance protection and mitigation solutions for tangible and intangible assets, relating to global cyber threats and attacks. The AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence is being led by Dan Trueman, Global head of Cyber at AXIS.
“The AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence is the specialty insurance industry’s premier global resource for mentorship, education, consulting services and solutions to help improve brokers’ and insureds’ understanding of the cyber risk environment so they can effectively manage the totality of their cyber risks,” said Trueman. “Housing our global cyber products and solutions, the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence will leverage the AXIS Cyber team’s underwriting expertise to help clients more effectively manage the dynamic environment of their cyber risks.”
Matthew Fosh, Executive Chairman, Europe, for AXIS, will serve as chairman of the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence. In this role, Fosh will provide advisory support to AXIS’ Global Cyber team.
Fosh added “Through the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence, we are taking a holistic approach to helping our clients and partners solve their existing and emerging cyber risks. Mitigating any risk begins with education, and that is the basis from which we have built the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence–a resource to brokers and insureds to improve their understanding of the cyber risk environment and arm them with solutions for mitigating those risks.”
The AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence will offer a number of innovative products and services to help companies mitigate the cyber risks associated with their tangible and intangible assets. These include:
-Access to risk assessment modelling tools;
-Access to internationally recognized and accredited cyber education courses;
-Data-driven research and reports that analyze and assess the cyber risk landscape;
-Risk advisory consulting services to help companies prepare for, and respond to, cyber events;
-Access to mentoring, training and education offerings, including: simulated breach incident training and customized training and facilitation programs; and
-Cyber risk advisory consulting services, including: pre-breach preparedness services; threat intelligence offerings; table-top crisis management exercises; risk and maturity assessments; and an executive cyber assessment program.
The above listed services will be provided either by AXIS directly or through the company’s third-party vendor partnerships.

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