29th July 2020

Guidewire announces its own investment in three InsurTechs-Betterview, CLARA Analytics, and IMburse

Guidewire Software has announced its own investment in three insurTechs-Betterview, CLARA Analytics, and IMburse.
Betterview provides a geospatial analytics platform to help insurers better understand and manage commercial and residential property risk. Insurers use Betterview’s property analytics and geospatial imagery platform to better quote and underwrite risk, improve loss control, streamline renewals, and improve claims assessment processes.
CLARA Analytics applies AI-based techniques to unlock insights from medical notes, bills, and other documents surrounding a claim, and then generates predictions and alerts to help adjusters take action to settle claims smartly, including identifying optimal care providers and selecting optimal attorneys.
IMburse (based in Zurich) provides a modern payment platform that enables insurers to give customers a choice of paying via traditional digital routes like ACH and credit cards, or via more modern platforms like Venmo and PayPal, without having to integrate with each service in a customized way.

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