10th January 2018

Equitable Life of Canada chooses Sapiens StoneRiver LifeSuite

Sapiens International Corporation has announced that Equitable Life of Canada has selected LifeSuite, an award-winning, web-based automated insurance underwriting and new business case management system from Sapiens' fully owned subsidiary StoneRiver.
Equitable Life's goal is to transform its underwriting process with enhanced automation, improving their ability to make fast, consistent, and high-quality decisions. Key to the insurer's selection of StoneRiver was LifeSuite's combination of an underwriters' workbench and a highly flexible underwriting rules engine. StoneRiver's experience enabling automated underwriting, especially in the Canadian insurance market, was also a contributing factor.
Karen Mason, svp of Individual with Equitable Life, comments "We need a system that is able to provide the automation and quality decision making required to streamline our underwriting process. Our underwriters are an invaluable asset and maximizing the value of their time and expertise is critical. Leveraging this technology to streamline the process will allow our underwriting team to focus their efforts and talent on more complex cases and decision making."
"This is a great win for us and further solidifies our already strong position with automated underwriting," said David Pidgeon, Sapiens StoneRiver North America head of Life. "More and more insurers are making underwriting transformation a priority-enabling better decisions, significant time and cost savings, and optimal application of the highly valued expertise of underwriters. The StoneRiver and Equitable Life joint implementation team is already hard at work to deliver the project with production use scheduled for next year."

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