13th September 2017

AIR Worldwide narrows Hurricane Irma US insured losses estimate range to $20bn-$40bn

AIR Worldwide estimates industry insured losses in the US resulting from Hurricane Irma will range from $20bn to $40bn.
Estimates are based on NHC’s 1oth September 5:00pm EDT forecast advisory for Irma.
The latest insured loss estimates compare with AIR Worldwide's range of $15bn to $50bn twenty four hours earlier.
According to AIR, exposure value in the coastal counties along the Gulf Coast up to Tampa, which will bear the brunt of the impact, is estimated at $1tr.
Insurance Newslink comments "There was a collective sigh of relief at the Monte Carlo Rendezvous over Irma's main track up the Florida West Coast. Although it is still early days for loss estimates, major insurer and reinsurer share prices showed an upward trend on Monday.

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